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Business opportunities in Switzerland

SOCOCHIM SA. established in 1985, is a global provider of innovative reagents, consumables, and laboratory accessories.
Our company is operating in Switzerland mainly for life sciences, working with more than 5'000 customers all around the cuntry.
If you are looking for a representative office in Switzerland which satisfies your business plan, and serves the customers for questions in French,
English and German, and you have an interest in working with us, promoting our products for sales in research centers, hospitals, universities and
companies such as Novartis, Roche, Nestlé, Serono, Lonza, Ciba Specialities Chemicals, Baxter, UCB, ..., please contact :

François Favre
Ch. de Geffry 9
1073 - Savigny / Lausanne (Switzerland)
E-mail : ffavre@socochim.ch

Socochim SA - Ch. de Geffry 9- CH-1073 Savigny / Lausanne - Switzerland - info@socochim.ch