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Protenomics & Genetic
genomic platforms, protenomics sytem for 2D gel imaging, automated heat sealer, microwell plates, software, …

www.abgene.com, www.gatc.de, www.genotech.com, www.kem-en-tec.com, www.see-gene.com

antibody production, antibody & protein purification, nonradioactive labeling, antibody fragmentation, conjugates, ELISA,
blocking agents & buffers, chemiluminescent substrates, Western blotting, cytokines, immunohistochemistry, …

www.americandiagnostica.com, www.bioassaysys.com, www.genotech.com, www.kem-en-tec.com, www.kpl.com, www.minerva-biolabs.com,

Molecular Biology
DNA & protein extraction, Biotin DNA & RNA, Northern blotting, Southern blotting, DNA & RNA labeling and detection,
gene discovery, …

bioline.com, www.biotools.net, www.cinnagen.com, www.genotech.com, www.kem-en-tec.com, www.kpl.com, www.minerva-biolabs.com, www.molbio.com,

Protein Chemistry
protein purification & recovery, amino acid analysis, protein assay reagents: BCA CooA, protein kits, protein modification,
biotinylation, cross-linking reagents, proteins stains, protein extraction & purification, cytometry, high purity lectins …

www.abgene.com, bioline.com, www.genotech.com, www.kem-en-tec.com, www.larodan.com, www.molbio.com

Sera, Media, Tissues
animal sera: FBS, BCS, …, classical & speciality media, …

www.biosera.com, www.see-gene.com

Drug Discovery
chiral chromatography, PCR robotes, microwell plates, software, peptide synthesizer, assay kits and HTS reagents, …

www.abgene.com, www.americandiagnostica.com, www.bioassaysys.com, www.biowest.net, www.chiral.fr, www.endogen.com, www.genotech.com,
, www.kem-en-tec.com, www.minerva-biolabs.com, www.registech.com, www.see-gene.com,

Cell Culture
desalting, antibiotics, mycoplasma detection, Cellmax®, cell culture reagents, media…

www.biosera.com, www.minerva-biolabs.com, www.spectrumlabs.com

Separation Techniques
protein purification & recovery, protein extraction, antibody purification, avidin/biotin affinity supports, electrophoresis,
evaporation equipment, …

www.alltechweb.com, www.chiral.fr, www.genotech.com, www.glygen.com, www.harvardapparatus.com, www.piercenet.com,
, www.registech.com, www.spectrumlabs.com

PCR Detection Kits
and Biochemicals Diagnostics Kits

bioline.com, www.biotools.net, www.cinnagen.com, www.prodesse.com, www.quantace.com

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